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Can a Facial help with smell and taste post Covid?

Is there really a facial that can help bring back your sense of taste and smell after Covid? I can confidently say - yes there is!

About 2 months ago a client came to me for a facial reflexology treatment and during the consultation she mentioned she had lost her sense of smell and taste after having Covid. I worked on her using a variety of techniques including reflexology, facial massage, facial cupping, lymphatic drainage and focused on certain reflexes on her face that I thought may help. Two hours after she had left I received a message from her to say she had tasted her lunch for the first time in 2 months.

Word quickly spread and I have now treated around 25 clients who had either lost their sense of smell and taste from Covid or it had been left distorted. The results have been nothing short of incredible. Around 85% saw an improvement in their taste and smell. The vast majority of these saw an improvement after just one treatment. The biggest improvements have been with clients who had “distorted” taste or smell. For example, one lady had gone completely off her favourite drink Coke and after the treatment it tasted great again. Or a few clients didn’t like their favourite perfume anymore and following the treatment they loved it again.

I have a few clients who have been for 3 treatments and found the results got better each time. For one client, her taste improved after the first time, the notable metallic taste disappeared but she still couldn’t smell anything. After her second treatment she could smell slightly, then after the third treatment there was a big improvement in her smell.

It’s early days to be able to say if these results are long lasting. It could well be like other issues that people have reflexology for and “maintenance” treatments are required, but the fact that it is helping is quite amazing as so far there doesn’t seem to be many other cures available to help this issue.

There are many studies into Long Covid and a few of them look into how Covid affects the brain and in particular the Olfactory part of the brain which affects your sense of smell and taste. So far the only recommendation to help improve your smell and taste is “smell training” using strong scents such as essential oils. So to discover a facial treatment can help bring back your smell and taste has been a very exciting time in my career as a reflexologist! Especially with such a high success rate!

I have been a reflexologist for 13 years now and I have always been amazed by the results it achieves. About 3 years ago I trained in Bergman Method Facial Reflexology with Ziggie Bergman and I have been fascinated with the results this achieves too, as although it works on the same theory as foot reflexology, working on the face has some unique benefits as we are working in such close proximity to the brain so in a sense seems more powerful. I believe using a mixture of techniques from Facial Reflexology, facial cupping and specialised facial massage helps to get the great results for smell and taste post Covid.

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